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I'm passionate about helping leaders grow and make an impact on important things. I can come alongside you as a trusted advisor as a coach and/or a consultant. We can focus on your growth as a leader, and work to tune up your organization so it's healthy and ready to make a big impact on the future. I can work with you one-on-one or with your leadership team.

Note: My first priority is to leading my organization. Therefore, to honor that, I am only able to take on one to two clients at a time. Reach out and let's talk!

Leadership Coaching

Think of leadership coaching as a tailor-made journey that turbocharges your ability for not only reaching immediate milestones but also for charting a path towards long-term achievements. Through intimate one-on-one sessions and engaging group discussions, we gather insights from various angles. It's all founded on a bond of mutual trust and respect. I'm here to shine a light on fresh perspectives, provide constructive feedback, and gently guide you (although I'll push you at times, as well!). Together, we'll uncover your innate strengths and carve out the best routes to your goals. Here's what working together might look like:

  • Assessment: We use a variety of tools and methods, including 360-degree feedback tools, behavioral assessments, or even direct observation to get a pulse on your strengths, weaknesses, and areas of development.

  • Goal Setting: Together, we will clarify both short-term and long-term professional and personal goals. This could range from improving leadership skills, managing teams better, enhancing communication, growing in Emotional Intelligence (EI), or preparing for a larger role within the organization.

  • Personal Development Plan: After setting clear goals, I'll help you outline a roadmap to achieve them. This plan includes strategies, actions, and key performance indicators to measure progress.

  • Skill Development: We will build on existing strengths and develop new skills. This could include leadership skills, communication techniques, strategic thinking, or specific areas like conflict resolution.

  • Feedback & Reflection: I'll provide a safe and confidential space for the executive to reflect on their actions, decisions, and outcomes. I'll give unbiased feedback, allowing you to gain insights and self-awareness.

  • Accountability: A significant part of coaching involves holding you accountable for your goals and the steps needed to achieve them. Regular check-ins ensure that you stay on track.

  • Sounding Board: Often, leaders need someone outside their organization to bounce ideas off, discuss challenges, or share concerns without any judgment. I'll serve as a trusted adviser, offering a fresh perspective.

  • Overcoming Barriers: During the coaching process, personal and professional barriers that hinder progress will likely emerge. These could be limiting beliefs, behavioral patterns, or external challenges. I'll work with you to identify and overcome these barriers.

  • Transition Management: Coaches can be instrumental in helping leaders navigate organizational changes, such as mergers, acquisitions, or personal career transitions like promotions or role changes.

  • Continuous Improvement: Even when specific goals are achieved, a coach can help a leader continuously refine and update their skills, ensuring ongoing growth and adaptability.

Org Health Consulting

Organizational health consulting is a specialized area of consultancy that focuses on enhancing an organization's overall "health" or well-being. Unlike traditional consultants who may concentrate on financial, operational, or strategic aspects, organizational health consultants dive into the underlying factors that drive long-term organizational performance and sustainability. Here's a breakdown of the key elements and objectives of organizational health consulting:

  • Holistic Perspective: Organizational health consulting looks at the organization as a whole. Instead of isolated interventions, it considers how various components of an organization interact with and impact one another.

  • Cultural Assessment: A significant focus is on assessing and improving organizational culture, ensuring it is positive, supportive, and aligned with the company's goals. Leadership Development: It often involves coaching and developing leadership teams to be more effective, aligned, and forward-thinking.


  • Employee Engagement: Consultants gauge employee engagement, satisfaction, and morale levels. A healthy organization typically has a motivated, committed, and passionate workforce.

  • Communication: Consultants may work to improve communication processes and flows within the organization, ensuring transparency and openness.

  • Team Dynamics: Focusing on how teams function, collaborate, and contribute to the broader organizational goals. 

  • Change Management: Organizations continuously evolve, and health consultants often ensure that changes are implemented smoothly and with minimal disruption.


  • Alignment: Ensuring that the organization's mission, vision, values, and strategies are clear and resonate throughout all levels of the company.


  • Operational Efficiency: While the primary focus isn't on operations, an organization's health can be affected by inefficient processes. As such, there might be recommendations around streamlining operations or improving certain processes.


  • Learning & Growth: Organizational health consultants often emphasize the importance of continuous learning, professional development, and creating an environment where innovation thrives.


  • Measurement and Feedback: These consultants use various tools to measure organizational health and provide feedback to leaders. Tools might include employee surveys, feedback sessions, focus groups, and other diagnostic instruments.

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What people are saying...

We have been working with Larry for about a month now, in which we’ve already seen significant improvement in efficiency of our systems. We’ve taken a step back to assess the current reality of the business. Through this we have determined our strengths and weaknesses as well as areas of the business that need to be stabilized, strengthened, maintained, and grown. Larry is extremely gifted in strategizing and it is apparent that he is dedicated and genuinely cares about the success of our business. We would highly recommend Larry to anyone looking to reassess and redefine their core values, establish an effective management team, and generate strategies that achieve results

Dana L., Creative, Small Business Owner

Working with Larry has been a gift. He has been gently, calmly and patiently walking me through the process of rediscovering who I am at this new season of life along with assessing what I have to offer and how viable my dreams really are. The amount of progress that he’s encouraged me to make in the months we’ve worked together is pretty amazing. I can’t recommend him highly enough as a leadership coach. He’s helping me to change my life.

Elisabeth K., Author, Speaker

Almost two years ago I reached a point where I realized I needed to grow to continue leading my organization forward. One conversation with Larry set in motion a plan to help me grow beyond my perceived limitations. His insight, patience, and positive approach to coaching have helped me discover strengths I did not know I had, pushed me to bolster weaknesses I did not think I could overcome, and inspired me to be a better leader to those around me. If you are ready to get to work on yourself, my advice is to contact Larry today.

Matt G., Architect, Pastor

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