About Larry

Larry is a certified leadership coach, organizational strategist, and content creator who unapologetically believes in and works to advance human flourishing. For nearly 30 years, Larry has seamlessly woven his passion, expertise, and creativity to develop the potential in people, processes, and organizations, and to help other leaders do the same. Whether it’s a budding musician or a seasoned CEO, Larry’s rich tapestry of coaching and consulting experiences spans diverse spheres of influence, from artists to accountants, designers to directors, and everything in between.


Not only is Larry a leadership coach and organizational health consultant, but he's also right there in the trenches making a difference as a leader. As the driving force behind the nonprofit Ithaka Housing, Larry and his incredible team are on a heartwarming mission to tackle poverty and homelessness. Their collective initiatives have enabled numerous people to have a place they call home and a fresh outlook on their future. With over 15 years of executive leadership experience in nonprofit as well as faith-based sectors and kickstarting a handful of businesses, Larry has become a trusted advisor for senior leaders across both nonprofit and business spaces.

Larry holds a BA in Interpersonal and Organizational Communications, an MA in Religion, a Master of Divinity, and doctoral coursework in Strategic Leadership, furthering his commitment to fostering growth in individuals, teams, and organizations. Larry holds the Leadership Coaching Specialist designation (LCS), and has many hours of training credits through the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

But there’s more to Larry than meets the eye. He’s also a creative — songwriter, music producer, multi-instrumentalist, and screenwriter who brings a creative flair to everything he does. This unique blend of creativity and strategy defines Larry's approach to leadership and coaching.

When the day's work is done, you'll find Larry indulging in the culinary world as an avid foodie, exploring the outdoors, and spending cherished moments with his family—a beautiful journey of over 25 years with his wife, their two children, two playful dogs, and a cat.

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